Awards - In memory of Dr. Faralli

Best Student Paper Award

Two Best Student Paper Awards will be granted to student authors, for writing a remarkable paper at PSC2023.

In memory of  Dr. Stefano Faralli
Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

To compete for the Best Student Paper Award:

  • The principal author must be a student at the time of submission of his/her paper.
  • The student should apply by ticking the appropriate box, in the on-line paper submission form.
  • The student must be registered to the conference. No financial help will be provided for conference registration.
  • The student author must be the presenter of his/her work at the conference.

Award winners will be selected by the PSC2023 Award Committee.

The winners will receive an award of 1000€ each.


CNIT call for a one-year scholarship dedicated to Dr. Stefano Faralli for activities in the sector of integrated photonic technologies where he has been contributing for years.

The title of the grant is: “High-bit-rate Transceivers for Radiation-Hard Applications

The tender which expires on 18 October 2023 is available on the CNIT website.

At the following link:

Scholarship Abstract

Silicon photonics (SiPh) shows considerable potential as a radiation-hard technology for building high-speed optical transmission links to send data across radiation-rich environments, e.g., space, nuclear power plants and particle physics detectors. In the last decade, preliminary results have shown that SiPh circuits can effectively operate in environments with large ionizing radiation, such as it is expected in high-energy physics experimental runs. State-of-the-art SiPh transceivers are nowadays designed and qualified for commercial terrestrial optical systems, while SiPh-based high-speed transceivers operation in radiation-rich is not yet well explored. The goal of the proposed research activity will be the investigation of radiation tolerance in custom SiPh devices and systems to be operated in experiments which require tens of Gb/s data bandwidth.

Video of the awards ceremony

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